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hey there gorgeous... i'm Rachel!

I was born and raised in Norway, South Carolina. 

Since 2015 I have been proudly serving the Carolinas.


As a newish mom of a one-year-old chunky baby boy, feeling comfortable yet polished is important to me, because when I'm confident, I'm able to handle whatever the day throws at me.


I've been a stylist for over seven years and still enjoy being behind the chair connecting with my guests.


I specialize in creating effortless, lived-in looks with extensions. 


When I'm not at work or hanging out with my little fam, you can catch me watching a hair class or sharpening my business skills. I attend quite a few classes a year to stay on top of my game.


While most stylists offer a pretty good first visit and maintenance plan, my role as your stylist is to create an approach that is different. I like to collaborate with my clients to create a long-term hair goal and routine that will fit your lifestyle and uniqueness. I never want you to be bored with your hair, so I will always offer new and fresh suggestions to keep things interesting.

When I'm off work for the day, you can find me investigating the latest true-crime mystery. To put it lightly...I'm obsessed. On the weekends, I love to be anywhere outside, especially by the lake or beach hanging out with my hubby, Josh, and my nugget, Jase. So, I know all the post-swim tips on how to keep your hair looking amazing.

To check out my work, book an appointment, or ask a question, click on the links below. 


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