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Delicate Fabric

I help give you the natural rich brunette hair you’ve been wanting.

Being a brunette myself, I understand how hard it can be to find a stylist who understands your desire to:

  • Be lighter, but not brassy

  • Get enough highlights but not too many

  • Have visible ribbony highlights of color, but not chunky Kelly Clarkson stripes


While other stylists in your past experiences may have provided you with a consultation, one with me will be in-depth, and comprehensive and set us up for success. You will finally feel heard, understood, and feel at ease knowing that we have a solid plan for the day’s appointment, and for your maintenance plan moving forward. 

I take pride in my education, knowing that it is necessary for continuing my growth. I take quarterly classes to make sure that I am up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends in my specialty, the perfect brunette.

When you’re in my chair I’ll give you all the best info on hair care and styling tips. But we’re also sure to chat about health, the gym, tattoos, painting, writing, and fashion. I’m also a pretty good advice giver. I like to think that people come to my chair as clients and leave as friends.


Want to see some photos of my work, ask me a question, or book an appointment? Click the links below. I can’t wait to meet you!

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