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Growing up in a military family, I have lived all over the US. The last place I called home was Wilmington- a small beach town on the east coast of NC. Towards the end of 2023, I decided to make a big move to the Columbia area.


I’m so excited to bring effortless, beachy looks to this community and the surrounding Columbia areas!

When it comes to hair coloring, most stylists will ask what you want for the day’s appointment and just do it. That is where I am different. I like to really dig in and get to know you- What’s your lifestyle like? Is the new hair color/style you want just shiny and new for you? Or has it been something that’s been on your mind for a while? When making these decisions, I invite my clients to be vulnerable and honest with themselves so that they are always set up for success.


We can skip all of the 'fibs' you may tell your hairdresser about your hair care routine. Do you follow the rules? If not, I’m not the type of stylist to give you a lecture for swimming in chlorine or salt water. But, I do have the tools to help you get your hair back in shape if you do decide to take a full dip.


One of my mottos in life is to LIVE life to the fullest, and if that means getting your hair wet and not being able to dry it immediately, that's ok. If it means using the products you have at home because they work best for you, then that's what it means. Of course, I want you to follow “the rules” but I am not going to ask anyone to stop living life to do that.  I am here to simplify- not complicate- your everyday life so that you are spending more time doing what you love instead of spending all that time looking in the mirror. 

If you would like to check out my work or book an appointment follow the links below. I look forward to meeting you!

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