If you've never been in to the salon then you haven't had the chance to experience the amazing teamwork, culture, and friendships that exist here.

If you have, you can feel it in every aspect of what we do.


While our space is amazing, our team is the most beautiful part of The Velvet Edge. Our stylists are driven, inspired, kind, and take their careers seriously. We are careful whom we bring into the salon. Those who are unmotivated, negative, or don't care to connect with the rest of the group won't be invited to join our team. You can have peace of mind in knowing that if you choose to work with us, you'll love the stylists working beside you.


With in-salon technical education and on-demand business coaching, our goal is to help you grow in whatever direction is best for you. We are a team focused on chasing dreams, and ours is to help you achieve yours, professional and personal.


We believe you work to live, but you shouldn't live to work. You should work a schedule that fits into your lifestyle while earning an income you're proud of. You should be able to take a vacation when you want to, take a day off to rest if needed, and have boundaries that protect your soul. Our mission is to provide a salon and culture where you have the structure that helps you succeed, with the freedom that allows you to thrive. 


We know that making the TEAM, and each other's success our #1 priority, that it allows us to create the ultimate experience for our guests.

"I only want to work commission long enough to build a clientele."

We get it, that's how a lot of people feel.



Allowing you to gain technical experience, business skills, and build relationships with your clients, this program lets you take advantage of all the skills necessary to help you succeed.


WHO is the program for?

  • Those wanting unlimited growth opportunities

  • Those wanting to build a clientele in a traditional salon environment

  • Those wanting the future option of shifting from employee to independent business owner, and the ability to do it within the same building

  • Those, new OR experienced, who want consistent technical training and business coaching

WHAT are the benefits of this program vs working in a traditional commission salon?

  • This program allows you a place to build your clientele and provides you with an option to (but no required commitment to) transition later to independent booth renter, without having to move to another location. Aside from the hassles of a job shift, there are well-known downsides anytime you switch salons. Most importantly, losing clientele. You have just worked so hard to build these client relationships and getting to stay amongst your work team you’ve come to know and love is an obvious plus. Our luxury space designed for our independent stylists, The Suite is right next door.

  • The Velvet Edge provides an on-site Technical Educator and Business Coach to help propel you toward a successful career in the industry.

WHEN can I expect to become an independent renter?

  • The program is customized to you. If you are new to the industry, you will begin by assisting for a while before taking clients. If you have more experience, you may move a little faster.

  • If you decide to make the shift to business owner, how fas you do so, is determined by you. Some people make the shift as soon as a few months, while some stylists take a few years. 

  • Not everyone moves at the same pace. In fact, independent ownership is not for everyone, and there is no requirement to transition at all. With separate spaces for our traditional salon environment and The Suite for our renters, you have the option of staying in the salon for as long as it takes, or as long as you like.

"The Velvet Edge Salon has been my favorite place to work by far!


When I first started here, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. I show up for work and the drive to better myself and the people around me just consumes me.


Need a helping hand? Someone will always have your back.


We also have weekly one-on-one coaching with educators/mentors that have taken my career to the next level.


It's so nice to work in a modern, judgment-free, and upbeat atmosphere. "

"TVE gave me my start, one I fully believe wouldn’t have been possible somewhere else.


Meagan really took me under her wing and cheered me on as I built my business & clientele. She was there without judgment to troubleshoot the inevitable obstacles and issues that new stylists come across as they grow and always supported me in my long term goals.


I was able to shift from commission to booth rent 6 months into my career, which I never thought would be possible so soon and felt like such an accomplishment.


Since then, I have been able to build and maintain a consistently full book that I barely have to market for.


It stood out to me that she would take time to leave me encouraging notes at my station randomly or when I was beating myself up for a mistake.


I was grateful that Meagan was always open to feedback if there was something that I thought would improve the client or staff experience.

She always listened and worked to come up with solutions to any issues. 


There are so many things I am thankful for during my time with TVE & so many things that I will bring with me in my own business venture."

"Working at The Velvet Edge

has been such a great experience! Meagan is really there for you.

The salon atmosphere is so inviting and I have a great team working beside me. The girls I work with are by far the nicest group of people and are there for me for literally anything.

On top of having great coworkers, I really enjoy having Rachel as our Technical Education Trainer. She really works with you to understand new techniques.

Our Guest Experience specialist, Chelsea, helps make the visit for our guests so
special plus she’s a great mimosa maker ;)


The people around me make me love what I do and help make every day at work a fun one!" 

"The Velvet Edge has been a thing since 2010 when I was in cosmetology school and I was doing wedding hair and makeup even before I got my license. I worked at a few different salons after I graduated. I was the salon manager at 3 of those salons. From the time I started in the industry, I saw stylists being worked so hard with no real guidance and no real goal. I knew I wanted to open my own space and I wanted to give stylists more. I opened a full salon in 2014. From the very beginning, we have had this transitional commission program, allowing stylists to start out of school, build a clientele, then switch to booth rent for the sole reason of more income for them. I've helped dozens of stylists through and had the honor of watching multiple stylists go on to open their own salons.


Since starting years ago I've learned a lot. I've learned that the culture of the salon is what allows people to thrive and I've worked hard to refine that culture to make it what it is today.  Everyone who works here knows and loves that we have a space for growth, honesty, feedback, support, and the ability to work towards whatever you want to do. I work diligently to make sure that culture is upheld, that safe space is protected, and the environment in which we all work is one of safety. If you have some crazy new ideas that you want to pursue- no judgment, we'll help get you there. Want to open your own salon? No holding you back, we'll help you do that. Want to work commission for the rest of your career? No problem, we'll help set you up in a way where you can make just as much money as you can as a booth renter. Nothing's out of the question.


Your goals should work for you, and when we succeed as individuals, we succeed together." -Meagan


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