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I'm from the North, but I love it here in the South.

With a passion for healthy low-maintenance blonding, I give you the color you crave with the lasting results you need.

While most stylists will focus on giving you the color you want, I’ll do this and more. I will put an emphasis on achieving your desired color while maintaining your hair’s health and integrity, and setting you up with results that are easy to maintain.


I believe that great hair is not determined only by what you look like when you leave the salon, but also what you look like when you return for your appointment 3 months later.

I understand that education is imperative to continuing growth as a stylist and as a person, so I pursue quarterly education to keep up with the latest in my specialty.

I believe the weekends are for road trips, charcuterie boards, and late night Netflix binges. ​I'm adventurous. I love to travel and when I'm on a road trip, I'll probably have my hair in a cute claw clip or slicked bun. Because being on the go usually doesn't allow for curling irons and 45 minute styling sessions, I've got all the tricks for easy, low-maintenance, lived-in looks.



To check out my work, ask a question, or book an appointment click on the links.


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