hey, girl.... i'm Jacie!

I'm from the North, but I love it here in the South.

My passion for lived-in blonding and healthy hair allow me to serve this city that I love.

I've been doing hair for a number of years and in that time I've learned a lot about the integrity of your hair's health and how important it is to maintain that integrity. Because of this, I've devoted a lot of time into gaining knowledge to make sure I'm well educated in this area for my clients. 


While most stylists may focus only on achieving the color you desire, I will focus on this while also on keeping your hair as strong and healthy as possible. 

I believe the weekends are for road trips, charcuterie boards, and late night Netflix bingeing.


​I'm adventurous. I love to travel and when I'm on a road trip, I'll probably have my hair in a cute pair of low buns. Because being on the go usually doesn't allow for curling irons and 45 minute styling sessions, I've got all the tricks for easy, low-maintenance, lived-in looks.


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