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It's a new year. 365 new days.


365 new chances.

365 new choices.

365 new opportunities. 


Make this year count.


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January 24th

Winter Education Class


January 27th

Team Event

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ohhh, winter 

Winter can beautiful. Snow flurries and crisp air are great (for some of us) but the havoc winter wreaks on our hair and skin is real.


Zero humidity in the air outside, coupled with super dry air from the heat constantly running inside can leave you feeling like a shriveled  tortoise in the Saharan sun.

So what's the best treatment for winter-induced dehydration? Moisture, of course. An intense dose of moisture can help you get back to normal and keep your hair and skin protected from what's left of the super-dry season. Here's what we suggest:


1. An in-salon treatment:

An Intense Hydration Treatment can make an immense impact on the moisture levels in your hair. Ask your stylist if you should get one today.

2. Use an at-home deep-conditioning mask.

A product containing high-content, quality moisture is what you want to quench thirsty hair that's been sucked dry from Winter. Our faves are Unite 7 seconds Moisture Mask and Olaplex No. 8.

3. Towel blot before applying anything with moisture.

Hair is like a sponge. If it's already saturated with water, it won't be able to absorb moisture. Before using your conditioner or mask, towels blot the water out so hair can absorb as much moisture as possible.

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