We've dedicated 2022 to recognizing, caring for, and raising aid for the women in our community. We're donating haircuts to women in SisterCare of Columbia. 

Now- October 31st.

Dinner and drinks? Bowling? Axe throwing? We're having a team event and we need your input on how we should have some fun, bond, and share some laughs.

September 7th

It's Meagan's Birthday!! Happy Birthday to our owner.

September 21st

Baby girl Williams is coming! The baby is due on the 21st, but due to the many contractions Rachel's been having, we think she'll be here way before then!

September 21st

Image by Chad Madden
Image by Noah Silliman


As seasons change, so do your hair's needs. 

Summer can leave you with damage, scalp dryness, and extra frizz. Here's our top 3 tips for heading into fall with healthy, autumn-ready hair.


1. Trim split ends as soon as they appear.

Indoor heating and super fast (that's SC for ya, right?) weather changes, hair is more prone to damage and split ends. Trim those splits off before they travel up the hair shaft and create a bigger problem for later.

2. Use a deep-conditioning mask.

A product containing high-content, quality moisture is what you want to quench thirsty hair that's been sucked dry from Summer. Our faves are Unite 7 seconds Moisture Mask and Olaplex No. 8.

3. Apply a hair oil regularly.

Using an oil will create a barrier to fight moisture loss, and protect from environmental damage and breakage. We love Olaplex No. 7 and Unite Blonda Oil.

goodbye, Summer.

September 3rd National Tailgating Day

(hums Sandstorm obnoxiously)

September 10th Full Moon

Also known as the Harvest Moon

September 22nd Autumnal Equinox

The official start of fall. 

September 29th National Coffee Day

Oh snap. This may have to be a real celebration.

Fun facts about September:

September has 21 work days. Unless you're a hairstylist, then there's 41.

October and beyond...


  • It's almost time for our Apple Cider Mimosas!

  • Haircuts for SisterCare: Through October 31st​​​​


  • Education- Color Theory: October 4th