Wavy Hair

MAY 2022

what we're up to:

May 1st

May 10th - 13th

May 14th

May 17th

May 23rd

Feminine Care Drive- TVE has dedicated 2022 to recognizing, caring for, and raising aid for women in our community. This month (and all the way through June 30th) we're collecting feminine care products for our friends at SisterCare. Bring in a new package of any feminine products and receive 3 Velvet VIP points. 

Spirit Week!- To kick off the celebration of the salon's 8th anniversary, we'll have super-fun dress-up events happening throughout the week. Prepare for the hilarity.

  • Tuesday: Each team member dresses like another team member.

  • Wednesday: Tacky tourist day.

  • Thursday: Celebrity Day

  • Friday: Disco Day

It's a Team Affair!- The salon is celebrating it's 8 year anniversary... Party time!

New Addition- We're getting a new team member! Moving here from Miramar Beach, Florida, Bailey Rhoades is joining our team and we can't wait to have her on board!

Summer Photoshoot- It may not be Summer yet but we're making sure we've got the perfect photos to update our website and social media pages when the time comes. Keep an eye out for our new team photos!

next month and beyond...

  •  Summer is real and the vacations are in full swing! Appointments will be limited as our staff will be taking time to get away and relax. Here's when your girls will be off:

    • Chelsea: May 13th - 16th

    • Meagan: May 29th - June 4th​ and June 20th - July 2nd

    • Carolyne: June 2nd - 5th

    • Gabby: June 10 - 17th

    • Jacie: June 15th - 17th, July 5th - 9th, and July 15-17th

    • Rachel June 22nd - 24th and August 17th - 19th

    • Miranda: July 8th - 11th

    • Mollie: July 7th - 10th and August 9th - 15th

    • Meg: July 22nd - 27th

    • The entire team (Retreat '22!): July 30th - August 2nd

hair tip



When applying conditioner, make sure that you're avoiding the root area. Keeping conditioner focused on the mid-shafts and ends will help you avoid heaviness and achieve the most volume.