I was born and raised in Bluffton, SC. A lot of people haven’t heard of this town so I normally say I’m from Hilton Head and the light bulb goes off!! I love everything about the beach and getting a tan, which isn’t hard because I naturally tan very easily since I’ve got a little bit of Latina in me! My dad is from Argentina and my mom is from West Virginia, but you know what they always say, opposites attract. You’re probably wondering if I speak Spanish and the answer is, no. I wish I did but my dad was always working growing up and my very southern mom stayed home with me and my brother.


I went to school in this small town from kindergarten through my senior year of high-school, then decided to save some money and live at home with my parents while I completed my cosmetology degree. If I’m being honest, living at home wasn’t much fun. Seeing everyone off on their own, having the time of their lives made me have complete FOMO. But I knew what I was doing was smarter for me. Once I finished school and saved up enough money to be independent I moved to the home of the Gamecocks!! I wanted a fresh start but not too much of a fresh start, so this city was perfect because a bunch of my friends, along with my brother, lived here.


I don’t have an exciting story of why this industry draws me in, but growing up I was always playing with makeup, dressing up, playing with my dolls' hair to learn how to braid, and giving them weekly trims with some kitchen scissors (not my best work). In high school I had no intentions of really going to college. I just knew I wanted to do something in the beauty industry. Once I started cosmetology school I thought I’d stick to just makeup but ended up falling in love with the hair aspect of it.


When I’m not working, I love a good self care day, or going out with friends!!  I’m always down for a good time and trying out new places to grab drinks or dinner. If I’m not feeling very social you best bet I’m going to stay home, relax, and spend hours on Tik Tok. I take a while to warm up to people and let my guard down, but once it’s down I’m a whole different outgoing, sincere, crazy person.

Hey, girl
I'm Mollie!



  • Taco Bell (That Baja blast has me in a chokehold)

  • getting my nails done

  • massive Shein and Amazon orders

  • adventuring with my dude :)

  • Gym dates

  • all things neutral

  • making TikToks that only I think are funny

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