Growing up I spent hours on end sitting in my grandma's in-home salon watching her work her magic. She even let me cut her cosmetology school mannequin's hair a couple times. Grandma Stella wasn't the only influence on my future as a cosmetologist. I not only had 1 grandma that was a cosmetologist, I had 2!! For my highschool graduation Grandma Beverly gave me her cosmetology school books from 1959; just months before I got my own cosmetology school books in 2009. The books sure changed a lot in those 50 years! I am proud to have the mannequin head, the cosmetology books, and a variety of other heirlooms from generations of cosmetologists on both sides of my family.


While I was in cosmetology school, I met Chase Jones. Not only was he kind and patient, he also had the startings of male pattern baldness and that, my friends, is a dream come true for a cosmetologist. I snatched him up quickly and we got married in 2012. We like to joke that our mutt, Apollo, is our first born and is commonly referred to as 'puppy brother'. We welcomed the most beautiful and compassionate boy, Lochlan, to our family in 2015. In 2017 our feisty and creative daughter, Elodie, was born. We loved being so close to family; most of our family was less than 2 hours away. But, in the middle of a horrible blizzard with -30* wind chills we decided we were over the extremes that Iowa had during those long Midwestern Winters...


In March of 2021, after a year of planning, we moved our family from Iowa to South Carolina. If you ask our kids they will tell you that it 'TOOK US TWO WHOLE DAYS' to get to here. Chase Jones and I feel about the same as the kids do when it comes to the move... the idea of packing up, driving for two days with the kids and dog, and unpacking still gives me a little twitch. We have loved the ability to take day trips to the beach and will be going to the mountains this summer. After being landlocked in The Great Planes for the first 30 years of my life, I am still comprehending our proximity to so much. It has been fun to start exploring our new city more.


As a family we enjoy reading, dance parties, playing outside, gymnastics, and family movie nights all piled on to one couch. Apollo included; it's cozy. But we will take it while it lasts. When Chase Jones and I are able to sneak away for a bit, we enjoy date nights trying out local bars and restaurants; Bourbon has been our favorite so far! Watching shows together after the kids are in bed is a more typical speed for us though. Some of our favorite shows together have been Grey's Anatomy, Yellowstone, Schitt's Creek, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Parks & Rec. When I am 'off duty' I enjoy going on walks, queso and/or coffee dates with friends, massages, and taking care of my small jungle of house plants.


  • Audiobooks

  • Manatees

  • Snuggles with my babies

  •  Drag shows

  • Supporting local businesses

  • The Real Housewives (of almost every city)

  • Asking + answering questions

  • Beautiful children's books

  • Corn

  • Chase Jones

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