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hey, beautiful.... i'm Meagan!


I was raised right here in Irmo. I'm not only serving this gorgeous community, I've also grown up in this town that I love.


I've got over 12 years of experience behind the chair and being able to empower others through beauty fuels my passion. Over the past year, I've stepped back from behind the chair to focus on bridal beauty and helping my team cultivate a consistently amazing experience for our guests.


With communication skills to pay-the-bills, I've helped my team develop and refine a truly amazing consultation experience that can help you discover your true hair goals, de-code your favorite Pinterest pics, and translate the true meaning of "just a trim."

While you might think from previous experiences elsewhere that you should be "wowed" as a first-time client, it is actually as a returning guest where the real magic happens. I work diligently with my team to help them create a long-term, sustainable maintenance plan with their clients to make sure that you'll love your hair every time you leave the salon. We train thoroughly to ensure an in-depth consultation at every appointment, and they'll check in every time you visit, to make sure all of your hair goals are being met.


I'm a wife, mother to a teenager, dog-mom, Crohn's disease having, traveler, explorer, crazy plant-lady, devoted Gamecock fan (that takes devotion), non-professional interior decorator, with a love for tacos, self-improvement, remodeling, and energy drinks.


To check out my team or ask a question, click on the links below.

Check out my team!

Learn all about the rest of my amazing team here.

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Shoot me an email and I'll get back with you within 24 hours (M-F).

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