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We get asked this all the time...

Where did the name “The Velvet Edge” come from?

There is no fancy hidden meaning or secret behind this cool name. The truth is, our owner Meagan just loved how it sounded and we think it perfectly describes the feel and vibe of our salon home.

How long has the salon been here?

TVE opened in May 2014. The salon was small but quickly outgrew the space and a year later expanded. In 2017, we moved into the location we are in today. Last year we expanded a third time, with an extension studio and lather lounge.

Why do we rotate stations?

If you’ve been in more than once, chances are your stylist is in a different spot than before. We like to think that when each space is ‘ours’ versus ‘mine’, it provides us with a more unified, communal feel. Rest assured, no matter where you’re sitting, it’s always the best seat in the house.




Where are the mirrors on the selfie wall from?

Oh man, these babies have been collected from many places. Some have come from thrift stores, some were inherited, and some were gifts. This wall is the perfect spot for the post style selfie.


Are the plants in here real or fake?

Most of the plants in here are real, but there are a few falsies hidden around. Can you spot the imposters? We like our plants how we like our hair…low-maintenance, so most of our babies require little work beyond water and sun. We have a grow light that turns on automatically in the lather-lounge when we’re not here.

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