Image by Anthony Fomin

Our team members are creative, self-motivated dreamers who have an overwhelming desire for more in our lives.

We take initiative, take pride in our salon home, and have an uncanny ability to get things done.  We geek out over the latest business-building podcasts, appreciate an impromptu photo shoot, and we show up every day like we're on a dang mission. We're all about teamwork, coffee, boundaries, vacations, cookie cakes, and goals.

If you're looking for a salon home and this sounds like you, go on!

"Your, me, my" attitudes can stop right here.



  • I don't have a full clientele yet

  • I'd like consistent technical training 

  • I want consistent business coaching

  • I'd like to be a W-2 employee

  • I could consider booth rent later 


  • I have a full clientele 

  • I'd like quarterly technical training 

  • I want available business coaching

  • I want to be responsible for myself

  • I'm comfortable running my own business

Don't let the misconceptions fool you, there are pros and cons to each.


There's tons of info on each of these positions inside, but if you can't find what you're looking for, if you need clarification, or just need help, feel free to reach out at the contact info below. -Meagan


Have fun!