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hey, girl... i'm Chelsea!


I love living in this southern town! 


I live just a couple of miles down the road from where I grew up and I graduated from the University of South Carolina.


I have been with my husband Jared since 2007, we've been married since 2015. We are complete opposites and it works really well for us.  I am very outgoing and will talk to pretty much anyone and he is very laid back and shy. We have two dogs, a rescue pit/hound mix named Chamois (pronounced Shammy) and a blue chihuahua named Alfie.

​I'm a creative who loves interior design, reality television, Chic-fil-a, and baseball. 

My focus within the salon is making sure our guests have the best experience possible while they're in. I enjoy knowing that our clients leave feeling better about themselves than when they walked in the door.

Have a question or a suggestion about a salon experience? Let me know!

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