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  • pop culture & all the cringy reality tv

  • petting all the Puppies

  • margaritas

  • cheering on my favorite sports teams, specifically the braves (baseball is the best)

  • raunchy romance novels, especially sports romance novels (see above)

My Go To Coffee Order:

Iced Cinnamon Latte with NO WHIP

Chelsea at The Velvet Edge
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Born and raised right here in Irmo, I know this town like the back of my hand.  If you’ve got questions on where to eat and what to do, I'm your girl!


Although I am a homebody at heart, my husband Jared always has to be on the go, so we usually spend our weekends traveling, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, taking our dogs for a walk through Soda City market, or watching a baseball or football game.  On the odd chance we do decide to stay in, you can usually find me watching my guilty pleasure reality TV shows, reading a cheesy romance novel, or rearranging home decor in every room of my house.


With years of customer service under my belt and my love to talk to pretty much anyone about anything, my goal is to give you the best possible experience you can have from the second you walk through our doors all the way to the moment you leave with your gorgeous head of hair!

Chelsea at at The Velvet Edge
Chelsea at at The Velvet Edge
Chelsea at at The Velvet Edge
Chelsea at at The Velvet Edge
Chelsea at at The Velvet Edge

Have a question or a suggestion about a salon experience? Let me know!

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