Field Sunset

I'm Carolyne!


Growing up in the small Town of Ninety Six, South my world was centered around family, friends, and Friday night football! I was raised by two of the most wonderful women on the face of the earth, my mama and granny. I was taught how how change my own tires, grow my own veggies, and sew a hem crisper than a factory machine! (Still not sure about the whole cooking thing yet, but I’m still learning!) 


After I graduated from high school in 2009, I went to Presbyterian College to peruse a degree in Early Childhood Education. While attending college, I met my amazing husband/ best friend, Nate. Taking 22 hours a semester, holding office in Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Beta Chapter, working in the IT department, and being the captain of the Blue Hose Cheerleading Squad, my life during those four years was filled with unforgettable moments in time! After graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2013, I began my teaching career and married Nathan and started our life together! 


After 7 years of teaching, I knew there were things in my life that needed to change! I decided to go back to school at night for cosmetology. I have always been into the hair and makeup scene, but wanted to become more official and creat a career out of something I had drive and passion for!  And this brings me to where I am today, living out my dreams of being a color specialist at The Velvet Edge and exceeding the goals I have set for myself daily! 

Things I love:


  • designer shoes (because a good pair of heels are worth the investment)

  • pasta salad

  • late night Scrabble games

  • Tuesday night trivia 

  • Thirsty-Thursday’s at Segra Park 

  • iced-caramel macchiatos

  • alllll the makeup 

  • waffle-knit bath robes

  • fresh fruit 


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